Negotiations With The Japanese

Overcoming Intercultural Communication Hurdles

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Negotiations With The Japanese
Overcoming Intercultural Communication Hurdles

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Japan’s economic development, its modernity and degree of industrialization often lead to the assumption that there are no major differences in the Japanese way of thinking, motivations and value system to those of Western cultures. Still, Japanese behaviour is often perceived as incomprehensibly exotic, irrational and even absurd, which can lead to considerable difficulties in communication. This book identifies potential sources of intercultural conflict and shows ways of coping with these by analysing various real-life examples. It is meant to sensitise the reader for possible causes of misunderstandings, to enable him to solve or avoid them altogether, and to impart enough knowledge about the Japa-nese culture for him to act and communicate successfully in Japan.
The author

About the author

The author, Tanja Fuß, born in Munich in 1972, holds a Master’s Degree in Japanese Studies and an MBA in International Marketing. Even before graduating from Munich University in 1997, she has worked for several Japanese companies in Germany and Japan. After finishing her studies, she was employed at a Japanese software company in Munich for seven years. Currently, she is working for a Japanese advertising agency in Hamburg.

This study has been awarded first prize in a contest by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.V., Cologne.
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