In Statu Nascendi

Journal of Political Philosophy and International Relations2020/2

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In Statu Nascendi
Journal of Political Philosophy and International Relations2020/2

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In Statu Nascendi is a peer-reviewed journal that aspires to be a world-class scholarly platform encompassing original academic research dedicated to the circle of Political Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Theory of International Relations, Foreign Policy, and the political Decision-making process. The journal investigates specific issues through a socio-cultural, philosophical, and anthropological approach to raise a new type of civic awareness about the complexity of contemporary crisis, instability, and warfare situations, where the “stage-of-becoming” plays a vital role. Issue 2020:2 comprises, amongst others, the following interviews & articles: “Clarity is what I seek first”: An interview with Professor Tamara Albertini by Piotr Pietrzak Andrea Giuseppe Ragno: Reinventing Politics: An Epistemic Conversion of Information Technologies Koumparoudis Evangelos: Information Society and a New Form of Embodiment Iga Kleszczyńska: The Analysis of the Economic and Political Determinants of the Venezuelan Presidential Crisis since 2019 Attila Mezei: Balance of Power and the 21st Century Iron Law of International Relations or an Outdated Idea Bálint László Tóth: North-South Railway Construction Projects in the Visegrád Four Countries (V4). Spillovers of Central East European Intergovernmental Transport Development Initiatives
The author

About the author

Piotr Pietrzak is a Ph.D. Candidate at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridiski”. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Politics & International Relations from the University of Manchester and a Master’s Degree in Politics from the University of Warmia and Mazury (Poland). Pietrzak was awarded an Erasmus Scholarship in 2007. He specializes in the politics of the Middle East and the Islamic world, and focuses his attention on the theory of international relations; geopolitics, conflict resolution strategies, and international law; and primarily matters related to the First and Second World Wars, and superpower competition during the Cold War.
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Author Tamara Albertini, Andrea Giuseppe Ragno, Koumparoudis Evangelos, Iga Kleszczyńska, Attila Mezei, Bálint László Tóth, Krzysztof Zegota, Piotr Pietrzak, Galina Raykova, Joseph Thomas Milburn
Editor Piotr Pietrzak
Number of pages 202
Language English
Publication date Oct 20, 2020
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