THE ARTS OF WAR: Ukrainian Artists Confront Russia. Year One

Year One

THE ARTS OF WAR: Ukrainian Artists Confront Russia. Year One
Year One
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The Ukrainian response to the 2022 Russian invasion has inspired a new appreciation for their country both within and beyond Ukraine. The steadfastness of Ukrainians in the defense of their country has surprised many. The stories presented here highlight the ways in which Ukrainians have long explored the meaning of their country and culture through the arts; and the manner in which the arts and their creators have empowered Ukrainians to confront the Russian invaders. These developments also offer intriguing clues about the culture, society, and politics of a post-war Ukraine.

About the author

DR. BLAIR A. RUBLE is a Distinguished Scholar at the WILSON CENTER in Washington, D.C., and previously served as the Center’s Vice-President for Programs, and Director of its Kennan Institute. Educated at the UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA and the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, where he received his PhD in Political Science, he is the author of seven book-length works, including PROCLAIMING PRESENCE FROM THE WASHINGTON STAGE; THE MUSE OF URBAN DELIRIUM; WASHINGTON’S U STREET: A BIOGRAPHY; and, CREATING DIVERSITY CAPITAL. The Muse of Urban Delirium and Creating Diversity Capital are available in Ukrainian translation. He received an honorary doctorate from the Ukrainian Modern Art Research Institute.


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