Ukraine Calling

A Kaleidoscope from Hromadske Radio 2016–2019

Ukraine Calling
A Kaleidoscope from Hromadske Radio 2016–2019
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This book is like a time capsule containing a selection of interviews that aired on Hromadske Radio’s Ukraine Calling show. They capture what people were thinking during a critical time in the country’s history, from the July 2016 NATO Summit through to Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s 2019 landslide election victories. Decision makers, opinion makers, and other interesting people commented on events of the day as well as larger issues. Topics range from politics to sports, religion, history, war, books, diplomacy, health, business, art, holidays, foreign policy, anniversaries, public opinion to freedom of speech. Interview guests include Canada’s then Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, writer Andrey Kurkov, Crimean political prisoner Hennadii Afanasiev, who was tortured in 2014, Ukraine’s acting Health Minister Ulana Suprun, American analyst/journalist Brian Whitmore, UNHRC’s Pablo Mateu, ethnologist Ihor Poshyvailo, investment banker Olena Bilan, Tufts University’s Daniel Drezner, a cameo appearance by Boris Johnson, and many more. Together these interviews provide a unique, diverse, and kaleidoscopic perspective conveying the substance, atmosphere, and flavor of Ukraine while it was on the receiving end of a hybrid war from Russia.

About the author

The editor:

Marta Dyczok, D. Phil. (Oxford), is an Associate Professor at the Departments of History and Political Science, Western University, Canada, Fellow at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, and Adjunct Professor at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Her books include Ukraine’s Euromaidan: Broadcasting through Information Wars with Hromadske Radio (E-IR 2016) Ukraine Twenty Years After Independence: Assessments, Perspectives, Challenges (Aracne editrice 2015), Media, Democracy and Freedom: The Post-Communist Experience (Peter Lang 2009), and The Grand Alliance and Ukrainian Refugees (Palgrave Macmillan 2000). Her papers have been published in, among others, Europe-Asia Studies, Demokratizatsiya, and Canadian Slavonic Papers.

The author of the foreword:

Andriy Kulykov is co-founder and Chairperson of Hromadske Radio (Community Radio Ukraine).
Stimmen zum Buch

Stimmen zum Buch

“Why is Ukraine in the news? What is so special about the country? Are they really out to get Mr. Trump? Who is Mr. Zelenskyy? These and many other questions are answered in this collection of interviews with the people who know the country inside out. A must read for everyone who is interested in the country, the region, and the international politics of today.”—Serhii Plokhy, Professor of Ukrainian History, Harvard University

“This is really live history. These stories and discussions were recorded during the dramatic years when Ukraine was fighting on two fronts: defending itself from Russian aggression in the war zone, and domestically against corruption. They reflect facts and the spirit of the time and thus are unique materials which enable an English-language audience to better understand Ukraine and also how the West needs to uphold their own European values. Compiled by Marta Dyczok, one of the most knowledgeable Western scholars on Ukraine, with huge experience of living in Ukraine, travels to all the corners of the country, connections to Ukrainian VIPs but also to ordinary Ukrainian people who are struggling for freedom.”—Olexiy Haran, Professor of Comparative Politics, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

“If you’re looking for thoughtful treatment of contemporary events in post-Maidan Ukraine by empathetic experts, Ukraine Calling—the book of the podcast—is for you. As the years 2014–2018 recede into history, the voices of lived and reflected experience become all the more valuable.”—Roman Waschuk, Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine 2014–2019

“Ukraine Calling is a wide-ranging and captivating collection of key thinkers' and policymakers' takes on the current state of affairs in Ukraine and beyond. The interviews provide a time-capsule like snapshot of the most newsworthy events in recent years through thought-provoking and in-depth analysis by highly respected international experts and insiders. Not only will the content fascinate its readers in its own right, it will also provide a treasure trove of data resources for scholars and students of Ukrainian politics and society.”—Olga Onuch, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Manchester


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