Dynamics, Integrated Control and Stability of automated Road Vehicles

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Dynamics, Integrated Control and Stability of automated Road Vehicles

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Motion control as well as control of vehicle's dynamic performance represents a very delicate and challenging task from the point of view of control system design. Namely, it is necessary to ensure that the control simultaneously satisfies several requirements such as: global stability, ride quality, ride comfort, minimal dynamic loads of the mechanical subsystems, low energy consumption, etc. The choice of the appropriate control strategy and the way of its realization represent a crucial problem the solution of which demands sufficiently deep knowledge of dynamic behaviour of road vehicle in various motion conditions. There are several books dealing with modelling and automotive control. However, the control algorithms described in them are prevailingly based on the so-called decentralized principle, using most often simplified, planar vehicle models and the common control techniques - robust local controllers. Thus, up to now, there has been no text considering the centralized approach to practical vehicle stability analysis. Because of that, the goal of this book is to stress out the importance of knowledge of vehicle dynamics, the benefits of implementation of the integrated control in advanced vehicle controllers, as well as the importance of system's stability analysis in the synthesis of dynamic control laws. Based on the entire vehicle dynamics, two novelties are introduced: (i) integrated dynamic control of road vehicles based on a centralized control approach and (ii) practical stability analysis of the vehicle system. The author: Dr. Aleksandar D. Rodic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1960. His main interest is in modelling, system identification, simulation and control of large-scale dynamic systems. His special interest includes design of integrated and intelligent control algorithms of road vehicles operating with driver assisted control systems. He is the author of more then 40 scientific papers in leading international journals and proceedings of scientific meetings. He is scientific consultant of several international journals. He is winner of the UNIDO/UNDP and of the Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship. Prof. Dr. Miomir K. Vukobratovic was born in Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia, 1931. His main interest is the development of efficient modelling of robotic systems' dynamics. Special interest is in modelling and control of legged locomotion robots and active systems. He is the author of more than 20 scientific books and monographs as well as more than 500 papers in world-recognized international journals or conference proceedings. He is a member of many international scientific committees. He is the President of the Yugoslav Engineering Academy, member of Serbian and foreign member of Russian Academy of Sciences. He is an honoured Professor and Doctor Honoris Causa of several universities. He is holder of several international awards for professional activities.
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Author Aleksandar Rodic, Miomir Vukobratovic
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