Russia in the Arctic

Hard or Soft Power?

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Russia in the Arctic
Hard or Soft Power?

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In this timely book, the authors provide a detailed analysis of Russia's national interests in the Arctic region. They assess Russia's domestic discourse on the High North's role in the system of national priorities as well as of Moscow's bi- and multilateral relations with major regional players, energy, environmental, socio-cultural, and military policies in the Arctic. In contrast to the internationally wide-spread stereotype of Russia as a revisionist power in the High North, this book argues that Moscow tries to pursue a double-sided strategy in the region. On the one hand, Russia aims at defending her legitimate economic interests in the region. On the other hand, Moscow is open to co-operation with foreign partners that are willing to partake in exploiting the Arctic natural resources. The general conclusion is that in the foreseeable future Moscow's strategy in the region will be predictable and pragmatic rather than aggressive or spontaneous. The authors argue that in order to consolidate the soft power pattern of Russia's behavior a proper international environment in the Arctic should be created by common efforts. Other regional players should demonstrate their responsibility and willingness to solve existing and potential problems on the basis of international law.
The author

About the author

Alexander Sergunin is Professor of International Relations at the St. Petersburg State University and Higher School of Economics, Russia.

Valery Konyshev is Professor of International Relations at the St. Petersburg State University, Russia.


"Offers a wide-ranging account of the emerging issues in Russia's Arctic strategies.
This book will be of great interest not only to scholars but also to students of International Relations and Arctic Studies."—Poul Wolfssen, Professor, Roskilde University, Denmark

"A profound analysis of recent key themes in Russia's Arctic policies.
The work of two well-known Russian political analysts specializing in Arctic studies.
Very well-written in an accessible manner."—Mikhal Rykhtik, Professor of International Relations, Director of the Institute of International Relations und World History, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia

"A very interesting and actual book about modern politics in the region at the northern end of the globe that generally lies far off the public consciousness. The well researched book is very interesting not only for polar travellers and polar adventurers but everyone interested in the future development of the northernmost region of the planet."—Christoph Höbenreich,

“Overall, the book’s nine chapters are organised according to a very clear and logical sequence that allows the reader to easily follow the reasoning of the authors. The analysis is coherent and consistent and offers a very good overview of Russian policy and strategies in the Arctic.”—Europe-Asia Studies, issue 69/10, 2017
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