Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

Editor: Dr. Andreas Umland

ISSN 1614-3515

Founded in 2004 and refereed since 2007, SPPS makes available, to the academic community and general public, affordable English-, German- and Russian-language scholarly studies of various empirical aspects of the recent history and current affairs of the former Soviet bloc from the late Tsarist period to today. It publishes approximately 15-20 volumes per year, and focuses on issues in transitions to and from democracy such as economic crisis, identity formation, civil society development, and constitutional reform in CEE and the NIS. SPPS also aims to highlight so far understudied themes in East European studies such as right-wing radicalism, religious life, higher education, or human rights protection.

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  1. Die Relevanz der Zivilgesellschaft bei den postkommunistischen Transformationsprozessen in mittel- und osteuropäischen Ländern
    498 Pages
    Wie relevant war und ist Zivilgesellschaft für den Erfolg postkommunistischer Transformationen? Löst Zivilgesellschaft den Transformationsprozess aus? Fördert sie ihn? Ermöglicht sie ihn? Wird sie...

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1 Item(s)