Balkan Politics and Society

Herausgeber: Jelena Džankić, Soeren Keil

The book series Balkan Politics and Society (BPS), launching in 2018, focuses on original empirical research on understudied aspects of the multifaceted historical, political, and cultural trajectories of the Balkan region.

Topics in the series include:

  • Discussions on aspects of the political systems of the Balkan states, including single country case studies and comparative research
  • Analysis of relevant policy fields
  • Studies of the link between contemporary political issues and historical debates
  • Historical debates on the Balkan states
  • Analysis of aspects of the social and economic reality of the region
  • Research on the evolution and development of different cultures in the region
  • Societal analysis, discussions on the evolution of the different societies in the Balkan

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2 Artikel

  1. The Geopolitics of Memory

    James Riding

    The Geopolitics of Memory

    A Journey to Bosnia
    24,90 €
    216 Seiten
    In this daring experiment in ethnographic place-writing, cultural geographer James Riding aims to get at the heart of post-conflict Bosnia showing the past alongside the present it created via a series...


  2. Extremism and Violent Extremism in Serbia

    Valery Perry

    Extremism and Violent Extremism in Serbia

    21st Century Manifestations of an Historical Challenge
    34,90 €
    374 Seiten
    The topics of extremism, violent extremism, and radicalization leading to terrorism have constituted an increasingly prominent area of policy interest and donor support in recent years, globally and in...


2 Artikel